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Jutta Goessl
Jutta Goessl

Jutta Goessl is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in East London. Her work covers many areas in the field of design and art direction, a reflection of the incredible people and design teams she worked with over the years.

Before starting her own practice she was Head of Design at TNA, Tomoko Azumi’s studio, and worked as a designer for Raw- Edges and Barber Osgerby. Jutta launched her design practice in 2020 with the release of the eyewear brand 001. / 'one dot', she had developed in collaboration with TNA for Tanaka Optical Japan.

Meet Jutta Goessl
MUT Desgin
MUT Desgin

MUT is a design studio founded by Alberto Sanchez and Eduardo Villalon in 2010, as a multidisciplinary team whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. High doses of experimentation and a lot of imagination to redefine everyday objects.

This unique quality and fresh approach to everyday life unifies each of their projects, making of this enterprising atelier a design icon, ever growing and improving.

Meet MUT Design
Yonoh Estudio Creativo
Yonoh Estudio Creativo

Yonoh is a design studio founded in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, in Valencia, Spain. Uniting their creative inquisitiveness they create work on product graphic and interior design. Yonoh Works on projects that differ for their simplicity and functionality, designs that exude freshness and uniqueness.

During its career Yonoh has been awarded with the most prestigious design prizes worldwide as Red Dot, IF design award, Good Design or Wallpaper* Design Award among others.

Meet Yonoh Estudio Creativo

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News 2021


Rim by Jutta Goessl


RIM, designed by Jutta Goessl, takes its name from the rings and edges often hidden on the underside of ceramic objects.These foot marks, a technical necessity to lift an item off the surface of the kiln to prevent the glaze from sticking to it leave behind interesting patterns, rims seemingly raising out of a glossy glaze bath, generating a naturally occurring colour gradation and wonderfully intricate light reflections.RIM is a celebration of the beauty of liminal spaces showcasing what is usually hidden from the human eye in a new wall tile collection. Designed exclusively for Harmony by Studio Jutta Goessl, RIM comes in a 15x45cm format and choice of 4 colours, white, sand, pink and mint.

Bow by MUT


BOW by Mut is inspired by the typical roofs found in Mediterranean cities in a modern new take on traditional roof tiles. BOW stands out for its relief pattern and characteristic volume, with interplay between reflected light and shade thanks to the colour Clay’s matt finish and the glossy finish of its other models.

This 15x45 collection–the winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards–has been joined by four new colours. BOW's Sky and Brown models come in a glossy finish in contrast with the reactive shades of its Green and Blue ones, matching up well with all HARMONY's other collections.

Lins by Yonoh


New colours have been added to LINS by Yonoh. As with the collection's existing colours, Navy, Green and Bordeaux's crisscrossing lines and interplay with light transform wall surfaces into huge murals. Instead of taking advantage of lines on different levels

Lins by Yonoh”focuses on their subtle delicacy, using shadow play on the 20x20 tile surface to trigger ongoing volumetric effects.




This is a collection with a handcrafted appearance, inspired by the Mediterranean and its local ceramics. Its 20x40 tiles stand out for the depth of their surface reliefs and their rich density of colour in areas where the glaze seems to have dripped down and concentrated.Available in a choice of six different colours–Bordeaux, Blue, Green, Sand, White and Grey, the wall tiles each emulate six smaller mosaic tiles, with a matt background combined with a transparent glossy finish.

Manufactured using DEEP TECH and LAYER TECH technology, Levels stands out for its depth, textures and Surface finishes. The tiles can be laid either horizontally or vertically, infusing living spaces with a unique distinction.



RIAD is a collection inspired by the warm hospitality and local colour of Moroccan riad hotels. This particular model comes in a 16,2x18,5 hexagonal format in a wide choice of colours, with nine different models in a combination of different shades for creating tiled surfaces of unique beauty.

Its slightly uneven surface recreates the artisanal appeal of hand-kneaded clay. The tiles can be combined with any of Riad's 10x10 and 6.5x20 models.



LEGACY pays tribute to the traditional artisanal technique of overlapping reactive glazes, used in the 20th century to create exclusive, unique looking ceramics of different colours and intensities. The collection's 15x15 and 6x25cm tiles, in a choice of Blue, Green, White, Snow and Grey, stand out for their shine, volume and sense of depth, making it one of the most refreshing, innovative wall tile collections.



Inspired by the traditional ceramics of North Africa and Southern Spain, NADOR stands out for its wide variety of colours, with a predominance of soft shades. Its subtle design infuses living spaces with restful elegance. The transparency of Nador's glazes brings out the beauty of its different shades, further enhanced by the handcrafted appeal of its slightly uneven surface.

Available in a 13,2x13,2 format, this is a wall tile collection conceived to help create oneof- a-kind living spaces.